Getting a new pair of wiper blade for your car is like getting a new pair of shoes. They come in various sizes, designs and models. Car-ismatic specialise in wiper blade fitting. All our wiper blades are quality products by BOSCH. We keep stock a wide range of wiper blades for almost all vehicle locally and we provide the expertise in finding the right fit for your vehicle. Shop with us and be assured by the quality and assurance of our products we provide.


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Aglaze Shampoo

Get additional 2 pieces of Microfibre cloth (value at $8.00) when you purchase the shampoo


Bosch Aerotwin – 1 Pair

International Award-winning blade recognized for its superior wiping performance.


Bosch Aerotwin Multiclip – 1 pair

Pre-assembled wiper blade adapter that fits 95% of popular European vehicles.

Installation included. Fee of $5/- is applicable for local delivery.


Bosch Eco Plus – 1 Pair

Trusted conventional and economical wiper blade for most vehicle make